Talent Show Coming!!

CWSC Lightning Tournament

Wonder what "Lightning" is?
...A fast paced game of shooting, shooting, shooting, and more shooting - 1 touch shot from a ball sent out by a coach, to shoot on the goal defended by the previous shooter. When you score, the player who was scored on, is "out" until the next round. 
How will we run the tournament?
...We will play multiple rounds at each goal and determine the "standing" at each goal for each age group, and run play off rounds.

If you want to shoot to your heart's content, learn how to shoot with 1 touch, and compete with your friends in the club, no matter what team you are on...come join us for a fun filled, competitive hour of SHOOTING...



We are holding a Lightning Tournament on Sunday, May 24, 2015, supporting the

International Education Fund

Regstrations take place through your member profile on the CWSC website,

and are based on age groups

We have added a U8 age group at 4pm for those interested

See attached flyer for all the details

Please bring registration payments to the event

Thank-you for your support :)

Stay tuned for the CWSC Talent Show - to be held June 7 - come see your favorite coaches display their musical skills.


Bike Ride to Lake Louise

Dear friends:
On the 21st of June 2015 Christopher McKaig, Henry Haeusler and Mary Liao will be cycling 160km from Canmore to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada (and back). Through our International Education Fund at Calgary West Soccer Club, we believe in offering International learning opportunities in some of the most advanced soccer locations.
In August 2015, 3 groups of players from U14 B palmeiras, U14B Barcelona, U16B Inter, and U18B United, will be travelling to Berlin, Germany to train and play within FC Union Berlin.
The sponsored cycle will help to raise funds for the International Education Fund. Please see attached International Education Fund policy.
Chris, Henry and Mary have set up a webpage and any donations would be greatly appreciated no matter how small or big.
Please visit our webpage to donate if you would like:http://www.cwsctogermany.myevent.com
Please watch for more fund raising events including Lightning Wars, Bubble Soccer and a 2v2 Tournament with a parent-player division.

Academy Schedule Posted

Good Afternoon Academy Teams,

Academy information has been posted under the Operations Section, Academy Schedules on the webpage.  Please check the schedule carefully, some teams do 1x a week academy and some do 2x's a week academy.

All academy sessions take place on the Ranchlands DQ Fields.


Quick link to Academy and Player Development Schedule click here:


HUGE Thanks to Cory Liss

A huge thanks goes out to Cory Liss Orthodontics for

their very generous support towards our outdoor ICHL program


Team Fundraising

Please see our Fund Raising opportunities for your team.

Please see our Team Fund Raising page to see how to support our CWSC team fundraising campaigns!