Grace Moore going to Brazil!

Alberta Players to represent Canada in Brazil for 2014 Danone Nation's Cup

(June 24, 2014) It has been a long three years since Western Canada has had bragging rights over Eastern Canada at the Danone Nation's Cup national final. With a trip to Brazil on the line for the Danone Nation's Cup, the time finally came for Western Canada to prevail.


Five Alberta Players - Grace Moore (Calgary West SC), Gausu Dukuly (Edmonton Strikers), Gianmarco Plenzik (Calgary Blizzard), Ivan HIrankunda (Edmonton Strikers) and Owen Antoniuk (Calgary Blizzard) were part of the Western Canada team who won the national final of the Danone Nation's Cup this past weekend in Montreal at the Stade Saputo and will now embark on a once in a lifetime opportunity in November to play in the Danone Nation's Cup in Brazil.

The five Alberta players joined six other players from BC and will be reunited for a 3 day camp in Quebec just before departure to Brazil in November.

The players, who will have the privilege of representing Canada in this U12 international competition, will measure themselves against some of the world’s best national soccer teams from 32 participating countries. During last year’s world final held in London, England, the Canadian team came home with an impressive 14th place finish.

 "All of our players put everything they've got into this match, proving their unwavering commitment to excel and give their very best," says DNC Canada Head Coach Dean Howie. "The Danone Nations Cup is a major event for these kids who want to live out their passion to the fullest. What's more, these young athletes from the Western team will have an opportunity to play where the top professionals have played. This is an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives," he adds.

 Again this year, Zinedine Zidane will be the ambassador of this international event. The tournament dates for the final will be confirmed at a later date.

Congratulations once again to Grace, Guasu, Gianmarco, Ivan and Owen on this outstanding achievement and savour the moments in Brazil!

Henry Haeusler talks about the HPSL and elite soccer models on CTV Primetime

CWSC Play and Train Registration will OPEN on June 30th!!

The CWSC Play and Train Program will OPEN up on June 30th. Details are NOW Posted under the Play and Train tab.

Please register early to avoid disappointment as this program fills up very quickly.

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Congratulations to Grace Moore- Heading to Danone Cup in Montreal

Congratulations to CWSC's Grace Moore who plays for CWSC GU12 Tier 1 Freedom.

Please read the article here



CWSC Sampdoria enjoying the U23 Whitecaps Game with Mayor Nenshi

CWSC Sampdoria watched the U23 Vancouver Whitecaps game here in Calgary yesterday at the Shouldice Encana field and got to take a picture with Mayor Nenshi who was also there to watch some good soccer! GO CWSC GO!!!

Congratulations to Ethan Keen

The ASA Provincial U13 South Boys team roster has just been announced. Congratulations to Ethan Keen U12B CWSC Palmeiras who made the team as a year younger player (2002) on a 2001 team.

We wish Ethan well as he embarks on his training schedule with the team.


CWSC's Position on the proposed Alberta High Performance Soccer League (AHPSL)

Calgary West Soccer Club, in discussion with a number of other mid-size clus in calgary, has submitted a position paper to CMSA on the proposed Alberta High Performance Soccer Lague (AHPSL). 

Henry Haeusler will be on CBC Radio, the Eye Opener on June 6th to discuss our position.

Henry has also been quoted in the article in the Metro News which can be viewed at:

Please read an excerpt of our position following and download the full document to read the details of our position. 

If you miss the radio inteview, you can find the interview later in the day, at

Calgary West Soccer Club’s Position Paper on the Proposed Alberta High Performance Soccer League (AHPSL) Structure

Although we believe that the objectives and core principles of the proposed AHPSL can be beneficial to the soccer community in Calgary and Alberta, including a continuous pathway for players, coaches and referees, raising standards in competition, CWSC has 3 primary concerns about the proposed model, specifically:

  •      the investment of "HPSL franchises" in 3 clubs in the city  
  •      the age group framework which starts at U13
  •      the prohibitive cost   

We recognize the purported principles, objectives and benefits of the AHPSL as part of the Alberta Soccer Vision -TO CREATE "A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR THE GAME, PROVIDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL PLAYERS TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL”. 

We agree that the stated vision of the AHPSL can benefit our players. However, we believe that the AHPSL, as currently proposed, will result in number of serious negative impacts on the soccer environment, and subsequent development of players in Calgary.

This is a summary of our position:

 - Just so that there is no misunderstanding, CWSC is not against the AHPSL. We feel that the AHPSL is a step in the right direction to support player developing to the highest national and international level.

- However, the current model of the HPSL that ASA is supporting, will not support the player development goal, in the way they purport.

-If we want to have greater success with our national team programs, then it is not just about adding another structure.

-The current understanding of ASA is that if we start earlier with select teams and high level competition, players will develop to a higher level. This is actually contrary to its own  CSA/ASA Long Term Player Development model.

- There is no guarantee that this model will produce players at the elite level. Where is the research which shows that successful soccer/football countries have similar models. My experience shows in fact it is opposite. Elite players are developed in normal domestic leagues which provide a suitable level of competition but where players play on unbalanced teams and get challenged more to develop their individual skills and understanding of the game.

- it is questionable that the HPSL will even provide the level of competition that domestic city leagues can provide. The ASA model proposes interlocking games against Saskatchewan teams. We are not certain that this will provide the quality of competition needed to produce elite players.

- ASA and CMSA ignore the need to create more competitive domestic city leagues and that we have to start there in order to provide a larger pool of players that can reach the desired level. In other words, we have to start first with our programs in the city and examine how our league structures impact on player development. CWSC feels that the current CMSA league structure provides numerous examples of how our players are not being developed to their potential. If we think that we can simply superimpose a top level league on top of a domestic league which already hinders player development, we will not achieve the results we want.

- In summary, if we think that we just put in place a structure/league to get better players, then we do not understand player development. Instead we have to change how we develop players. We need a modern philosophy of how to play the game, which includes the way to develop players. Right now we put too much importance in the early physical presence. We select players who can run through and win the ball, and the game unfairly, through physicality. Here we teach players to run through the players by using force. This is not a successful way to play soccer and Canada will never be able to compete against the best or even the middle teams in the world if we continue to think that this is the way we develop players.

- In general, our coaches, even the top level paid coaches in the city, do not have an idea of how to teach/educate the game the right way.  We sacrifice player development for early team success.

- And our officiating supports that style of play and we do not protect skilled, smaller players who can really try to play the game.

- The HPSL that ASA proposes will exacerbate all of these incorrect approaches to player development.

Our main concerns:

- ASA wants to start the League with U13, This is too early based on the LTPD model and international experience. There are issues not just with player development, but also the balance between academic, mental, physical and social factors for players of a young age.

- Prohibitive cost over the long term associated with travel/game schedule is shouldered by individual players/families and is not sustainable. It will also limit players without the financial resources from participating.

- Club Franchise model - which would facilitate the movement of  players at a very early age to move only to the franchise clubs. This would mean that the medium size clubs will lose their better players and they will not be able to sustain their programs financially and competitively. This will cannibalize the league and there will only be a city league of the 3 franchise clubs at the higher level, and arguably, at the lower levels as well, and at the earliest ages. If you really look at how competition supports player development, it is clear that a league of only super teams does not support the development of as large a pool of players as possible, which is critical to develop the elite teams at the age where it is appropriate, when winning and team success are important. There is also a question about what happens to the "late bloomers" who are bypassed at an early age by the select process.

- the coach education level proposed by the ASA AHPSL model, does not match the needs of player development to the top level. For coaches to be able to support elite player development, we need coaches that have a much higher level of certification. We need a professional culture developed in Canada for coaches which requires much higher education processes. If we think a coach which has no professional background, no university backed education certification, no refresher process to keep up with updated research/education pedagogy, can develop players to the top level, we are mistaken.

The main elements of a revised/appropriate HPSL that we are proposing includes:

- start at U16 and U17.
- the domestic league structure must be revised to support player development from the youngest ages
- create a fair environment that all clubs in the city can participate in player development and contribute players to the league. This includes the establishment of a neutral district coordinating body to provide technical leadership for the Calgary district.
- invest the costs of the league in members clubs, with an appropriate cost sharing arrangement with players, which does not prohibit participation of players and clubs which do not have the financial resources. And also attract provincial, federal and corporate sponsorship to get behind the development of Canadian soccer.

CWSC on Breakfast TV Wednesday May 28 

Please join Telus Vice President, and CWSC Head Coach, Lorenzo DeCicco, CWSC Technical Director, Henry Haeusler, Executive Director, Mary Liao, and Head Coach Morgan Nkathazos, with our U12G Primo, U14G Chelsea, and U16G Lazio teams to highlight the visit of the U20 Ghana Women's National Team, the Black Princesses, to Calgary this summer.

Click here for the link to the show.


Grace Moore makes the Western Canada Danone Cup Team!!!

Congratulations to Grace Moore, U12G Tier 1 Freedom team, coached by Nigel Brattle and Andy Gilluley. The selection for the Western Canada Danone Cup team has just been announced.

Grace has been selected with 10 other players to participate in the Canadian National Team preparation in Montreal this summer.  

The National Final will be played on June 21st in Montreal, at the Saputo Stadium! To prepare for this great event Grace has been invited to a 4 day training camp prior to the final from June 17th to June 20th, in Montreal. 

Grace should be extremely proud of herself! Out of 5000 players, she is one of the 11 best players in the West!

If she is selected to the Canadian National Team, she can move on to play in the Danone Cup Tournament with 39 other countries, to be held in Brazil this fall.

With Zinedine Zidane as its International Ambassador, the Danone Nations Cup is the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world. It is also the most accessible soccer event in the world as it is completely free.

More than three million 11 and 12 year-olds participate every year. More than 40 countries participate in the International Final which takes place around the world. It has recently been held in France (2008), Brasil (2009), South-Africa (2010), and Spain (2011).

This event is as important and substantial as Danone’s commitment to youth. The Danone Nations Cup promotes social, educational, and athletic values. It also encourages all participants to:

  • ·     Open their minds to a world they may not know ;
  • ·     Be enthusiastic about sport ;
  • ·     Demonstrate sportsmanship and compassion ;
  • ·     Honour and appreciate cultural differences ;
  • ·    

Stay tuned for a special story on Grace, and her team, Freedom, coming soon.

Please join Calgary West Soccer club in Congratulating Grace for this very special accomplishment.

We wish her the best of luck in her preparations.

Calgary West Soccer Club

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