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Volunteer System

CWSC is a volunteer based organization which needs volunteer support to help run operations in order to keep fees down.


We recognize that families have different needs, and therefore use a volunteer system which provides flexibility and choice for parents to volunteer as much as they like, or not at all. Those who choose not to volunteer pay a non-volunteer fee, while others can choose from a selection of tasks to reduce or eliminate that additional fee. Most families that want to volunteer prefer to see the fruits of their work most directly, at the team level, while others have talents in other areas that can best be utilized in non-team related jobs.

The Club also wants to recognize that a very few volunteers commit an extraordinary amount of time to their teams and the club and that this extra effort should be rewarded.

Parents will thus be able to choose from 2 options:

  • No volunteer role taken – a $100 Volunteer fee can be paid upfront at the time of registration, or must be submitted along with registration documentation. This is a family fee (not per child).

  • Volunteering role/s taken – If parents choose this option, they are expected to volunteer at the team level and/or club level. When registering, you will prompted to enter your volunteer preference(s). Each position in the dropdown list has a description associated with it, as well as the number of points you will receive for doing that job (50 points = $50, 100 points = $100). While we cannot guarantee you will be required for the job you select, we will endeavour to find you something else should you not be required in that capacity. Registrants must send in two $50 volunteer deposit cheques per family. If a parent fulfills a team level task, one $50 cheque will be shredded and one will be cashed. If a parent fulfills team level tasks for 2 teams (have 2 children enrolled in our programs), both $50 cheques will be shredded. If a parent selects a club level task, depending on the points accorded that job, either both $50 cheques will be shredded, or one will be cashed. There may be cases where a team requires additional help, so a second role may be available to those with only one child in the program and credits will be assigned accordingly.  Again, volunteer commitments are per family, not per child.


Team managers or volunteer coordinators will be asked to submit a list of those taking on volunteer roles for the team to ensure all parents/families that fulfill their team level tasks will be credited for $50 or $100, as appropriate.

We will be also be tracking club level tasks and giving families the $50 or $100 credit, as appropriate for the task.

Any monies received from volunteer deposits will be put towards worthy club initiatives including subsidizing fees for the following season, equipment purchases, club wear for coaches, and also put towards an indoor facility in the future.


CWSC Board

Volunteers are always needed to fill CWSC Board positions. CWSC is a volunteer organization. Your role in maintaining a soccer program at the most affordable cost for all players at all levels is critical.


We are currently looking for a Treasurer. 

Please contact our Board Chair at if you are interested in being added to the waiting list for future vacancies.


Fill out the Board Nomination Form.

Board members will receive credit for their children’s player registration fees, subject to performance.

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