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Our Technical Department


At CWSC we educate our players for the future and not just for the next game. We develop the skills and the understanding of the game so that our layers can enjoy playing the beautiful game of soccer, hopefully lifelong.

We focus on individual player development first, because we know that developing individual players to a good level will show team results as well.

The development of a soccer player is a process that lasts 10-12 years. Each player has to go through age based phases of development, related to their physical and mental development, and maturation as a person. Sports science calls this “Long Term Player Development” (LTPD).

CWSC is committed to this understanding of player development. We understand that you cannot “jumpstart” or take shortcuts in player development. Players must go through the phases and follow age based learning framework to develop their highest desired level. It is our responsibility to align all of our coaches to our philosophy and education approach.

This document provides the development pathway for our coaches to understand their role, and responsibilities to educate and develop our players.We will outline our modern game philosophy, our methodological approach to impart our club philosophy, and the learning framework we will follow for each age group from U7 to U17/18.

By the time a player graduates to adult, senior soccer, she or he will have passed through each of the age appropriate learning frameworks; acquiring the skill, decision making, ……tools needed to play the game.

Club Philosophy

Our Club Philosophy – our vision-mission-values – must be matched by our development pathway and our education approach. We start by asking the question - What do we see as being the “complete player” who can play the game at their highest desired level?  Who do we want our players to be when they reach their desired highest level? What traits do we want our players to exemplify, not just as soccer players on the field, but as humans and leaders off the field?

Please read through all of our pages related to our Technical Department starting with our Technical Team.

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