Team Travel

Team Travel

Follow the Team Travel Guidelines.

Referencing the Calgary West Soccer Club Tournament/Event Policy, determine, as a team or group of teams, that you would like to travel.

  • Determine the primary reason/objective for this program.

    1. Training

    2. Competition

    3. International or College Showcase Exposure

  • Discuss options/ideas with the Calgary West Soccer Club (CWSC) Team Coach, Technical Director (TD) and/or Executive Director (ED)

  • Secure a location and travel dates

  • Determine who will travel.

    • Please see the Calgary West Soccer Club Tournament/Event Policy. If a team is planning a tournament with a current team, the players on the current roster will be attending the tournament. The reasons are simple: 

      • The players are excited

      • They are the players of the team at that time 

      • They commit to the tournament.

      • The family engages financially and plan their family time around the tournament.

    • Adding players is not encouraged if the entire original roster is available.

    • Adding players is OK only in the following circumstances:

      • There are roster spots available; i.e. An original player has dropped out and the coach would like to preserve the number of players to allow the team to compete, and not be fatigued.  However, if the original roster had enough numbers, even with a player dropping out, a decision to call up another player should be weighed against play time for the remaining original roster players.

      • It is important not to add a player/s to make the team more competitive.

      • It is important not to invite a player with the purpose of recruiting her/him from another club.

    • Members of a team can choose not to travel but will not lose their place on the team based on this decision. In this case, alternate players may be allowed to travel with the team upon prior approval by the TD.

    • Should any discrepancy arise, an appeal may be made to ED first. If not resolved, an appeal may be made to the CWSC Board in writing.

  • When traveling to an international tournament, or a tournament in the United States, the team travel should together wherever possible. Permission from the ED is required should a player need to travel separately.

  • CWSC will not sanction the rental of any 15 seater passenger vans for its travelling teams in accordance with recommendations made by Transport Canada and Canadian Standards Association.

  • Ensure all necessary paperwork is completed

    1. Submit a Tournament/Event Approval Form as soon as possible to the Club (see website under Forms), including the names of the players wishing to travel, and wait for approval prior to making any formal announcements. An application can be submitted no earlier than the season prior to the season of travel.  Rationale for travel should be specified, along with plans of how to support players who may not be able to afford the trip.

    2. A Club Travel Commitment Form must be established and approved by the Club.

    3. Individual team members must sign the Team Travel Commitment Forms confirming their agreement to the terms and conditions of travel and all financial requirements.

    4. Submit the Travel Permit to CMSA/ASA. CWSC will provide final approval to CMSA.

  • Communication.

    1. Ensure all team members and the Club (TD/ED) are kept well informed throughout the process.


To understand which forms you need for your trip, please access our Team Forms Summary


To assist you in your team travel, please access the following resources: