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Skills Centre

Skills Centre

The Calgary West Skills Centre provides an age and stage appropriate learning environment for all players, regardless of their baseline skill levels and game understanding.

Program is structured following the Canada Soccer and FIFA Preferred Training Model.

In this approach each training session is built around activity "stations" that the players move around at regular intervals.

The stations focus on Fundamental Movement, Soccer Technique, Coordination, and Small Sided Games.

The benefit of Skills Centre is an opportunity to find the best placement for players based on their biological age, or sports age. (For example, if a player comes to U8 program but is not having fun as the exercises are too challenging, we can place him/her to younger age group to provide her/him the best environment to develop.).

The main objective of Skills Centre is to create an environment, which is safe, appropriate and fun. Environment which will ensure players are engaged in learning while building a positive relationship to physical activity and soccer.

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