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Canada U15 ID Camp

Our very own Ethan Keen (2002) attended the most recent Canada U15 ID Camp

Canada Soccer has completed a trio of Boys' U-15 identification camps as part of the Men's EXCEL Program. The national identification camps have helped lay the groundwork for this summer's CONCACAF Boys' Under-15 Championship.

The three camps were held in Toronto from 7-10 February, in Montréal from 13-16 February, and in Burnaby from 13-16 March. The three camps featured 72 players from across the country, with more than 80% of those players making their debut in the national youth teams program (58 new players).

Canada Soccer's identification camps provide players with an opportunity to showcase themselves while also earning an initial introduction to the Canadian national youth teams program. ‎Canada Soccer worked closely with provincial and territorial soccer associations as well as clubs and academies in selecting players for these camps.

"These camps provided players with an opportunity to showcase their talent in every asset of the game," said Rob Gale, Canada Soccer's national staff coach that led the U-15 project in Burnaby. "The camps have given the players the best opportunity to reveal their personality to us on the field."

Canada Soccer’s Men’s EXCEL Program channels our nation’s exceptional players into the best soccer environments. The Canada Soccer Pathway works in collaboration with our provincial and territorial partners as well as the professional clubs and academies. For Canada’s elite players, the program emphasizes player development on the pathway to representing Canada’s Men’s National Team in international soccer.

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