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Reschedule CMSA Games 

Note this page/information is for CMSA competitive teams, not ICHL recreational teams. For ICHL teams, please click here.


CMSA Team Rescheduling Procedure

Note: For U8 games - you do not need to reschedule your games.

Deciding on whether your CMSA game is on due to weather? First, see if the field is open. 


For games scheduled on community fields.


Go to our Field Status page


For games scheduled on City fields, please go here (


To reschedule your CMSA game for U9-U18, here is the rescheduling procedure.

CMSA Rescheduling Procedure.

Rescheduling due to Field Closure/Inclement Weather

Note: Artificial Turf fields are considered 'all-weather' and closure will be at the discretion of the referee.

Other Rescheduling Requests:

  • STEP 1: If you require a game to be rescheduled due to travelling to a tournament or a special event, the requesting team must send an email to stating the reason for the reschedule.

  • STEP 2: If the request has been approved, review and complete the CMSA Game Rescheduling Form: Other.

  • STEP 3: Send the completed form to no later than three full business days prior to the original game date OR prior to the rescheduled game date (whichever comes first).

  • STEP 4: Once approved, teams will receive a game update email and the game will be changed on the CMSA website. It is not approved until the website has been updated.


Note: Requests due to player vacation, injury and/or coach availability will not be approved. 
A flow chart of the CMSA Rescheduling Procedure can be found online at:

Please access their rescheduling forms:


Should you have any questions regarding game rescheduling, please contact the CMSA Office.

Calgary Minor Soccer Association
403-279-8686 |

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