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The Intelligent Player

Perception-Cognition-Action (P.C.A)

Enhanced team sessions with a focus on Player-Environment Centred Approach. Modern style of program content and delivery, based on evidence, research, science and practice. Grounded in the theoretical framework of ecological dynamics. We define the game of soccer as a complex system and players as a complex adaptive systems which develops over time in relation to the contextual possibilities and restrictions.


The focus of this program is to develop player’s cognitive skills, such as perception (visual search, recognition, assessing options and anticipation), conception (decision making based on affordances), and Action (execution of the decision).

The P.C.A Program is build on Nonlinear Pedagogy principles:

  • Underpins a player centred approach and the emergence of skills (Reshaw,2013)

  • Developing players with a better understanding IN the game

  • Representative Learning Design – What players are seeing and feeling is representative of the game

  • Repetition without repetition (Multiple variabilities for solutions)

  • Perception and Action coupled

  • Promote an external focus of attention (outcome of the movement), which allows automaticity of the movement

PCA Program.png
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