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Program receipts are available at anytime through your member profile account.  You can click on “ALL” to see all the registrations that have been processed, and can choose to print any receipts you wish.  Please note that the only amounts that can be claimed on your tax return are those of the registration fee, academy and other player training payments (if any) and payments for a CWSC membership (community memberships may apply in a few cases – refer to CRA’s website at for more information).

CMSA ID# and Photo IDs

All players U11 to U18 require a valid CMSA Photo ID card (with a valid expiry date on it). The referee may ask that these cards be handed in individually to the referee at the start of the game. If a player does not have their player card, that player will not be allowed to participate in the game.

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Information about CMSA Photo ID Cards:

All Team Officials and Team Managers for U9 to U18 teams require a valid CMSA Photo ID card.

All players U11 and up require a valid CMSA Photo ID card.

All registered U9 players playing-up on a U12 team in a league game require a registered movement pass, signed by one of their team officials or Club Board of Directors. This pass is to be given to the team the player is playing-up with. The pass, along with the game sheet is to be submitted to the Referee.

All Player Photo ID cards are valid for 4 years from the date of issue. All team official Photo ID cards are valid for 3 years. Upon expiry, Cards will be revalidated and re-issued at no cost to the Player / Team Official, should they still require a valid CMSA Photo ID card and as long as the old card is handed in at the time of revalidation.

The ID cards are property of CMSA and must be given back to the Member at the end of each season or when requested by CMSA. The cost for the card is $10 (cash) unless turning in an old or expired card, which then the card will be free.

Any player found using more than one-(1), player ID card shall be suspended from all soccer activity until a CMSA Discipline hearing is held.


Parents, please be aware that the CMSA Zero Tolerance Policy to control referee abuse is still in place. To see the Zero Tolerance Policy, click here.


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