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Player Assessment Schedule (Try Outs)

Welcome to the 2021 Outdoor Player Assessments

Assessment Process - Player Placement    

Due to Covid-19 our traditional player assessment process has been impacted.

Our club has always been known for providing opportunities to all players regardless of their age and stage of development, level of maturity and relative age effect. We assure you, that all decision will be made after a deep consideration based on all the information below, between club Head Coaches. 

  1. Player registers for the outdoor season. This will provide head coaches with the information about the number of players in all age groups.

  2. The Director of Soccer, Technical Director alongside Head Coaches will make the final decision on player placement based on these information:

Returning Players

  • Previous participation in a team from last CMSA season-

  • Training  during Indoor Season 

  • Player Report Cards from previous season

  • Information from the team coaches (if applicable)

  • Conversation with other Head coaches, who had the chance to work with a player

  • Information from Outdoor Try-outs we have collected

New Players


  • New players will be invited to in person evaluation session to assess their current level of development. Players will be invited to attend the evaluation session on the week of April 19th till 23rd. 

  • Conditions of our teams and their needs

  • Information about their last CMSA season they have participated at (age group and Tier level)

  • Evaluation session will consist of activities under the safety guidance to ensure the safety of the players and coaches

If you are unable to attend one of the evaluations and have not yet advised us, please email


A schedule will be released closer to April 19th, 2021.

Thank you for your patience.

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