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Competitive Youth Program

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**SPRING PROGRAM resumes June 1, 2021**

CMSA game schedule resumes June 14th

Welcome to the Outdoor 2021 Season

Welcome to Calgary West Soccer Club.

Players can register with CWSC for the city-wide Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) League. The Calgary West Soccer Club will endeavor to place players at the appropriate level of play based on the number of players and conventional pyramid concepts as well as technical assessment and prior knowledge of player skills.

We know that you are busy; that you want to check out the best place for your child to learn, develop and have fun. We have laid out our Program Details and Program Fees in tables below for your easy reference.


Take a look at our prices and programs... we not only offer competitive prices ...we also offer the most quality with highly educated Club Technical Staff who care about you children.

The revised season starting June 14 Program Summary with Age Groups, Program Dates, Training and Academy Details, Registration and Academy Fees is also available HERE.

CMSA LEAGUE (with Calgary Minor Soccer Association) for U7-U19 League Players Details:

After an extensive review of the soccer landscape, and consultation with a cross section of stakeholders including CMSA clubs, parents and our governing bodies; Alberta Soccer and Canada Soccer, CMSA has developed a 2 year plan to implement a revised league structure to best support age appropriate player development. From conversations and meetings with members CMSA has heard that they need to put children first, the need to end a ‘win at all cost mentality’ and the desire to have CMSA use best practices in long-term player development. There are many revisions planned that CMSA started rolling out in the Outdoor 2020 Season, and continue to roll out for future seasons. This phased approach will allow clubs to adjust their business practices and provide a number of opportunities for CMSA and clubs to communicate the changes to parents.

Please see the revised CMSA League Structure and CMSA Program Calendar documents on the CMSA website.

A few highlighted items for the new league structure being rolled out this Outdoor 2021:

*For U7-U9 Outdoor season is going to be festival based.  Players will still have team training and skills centre sessions weekly, but the festivals replace the weekly league games.  Players should be prepared to play in up to 3 games per festival.

*For U10-U19 the individual season dates are outlined below.  We will start up academy training on the May 1/2 weekend to lead into training a few weeks prior to league games commencing.  Fall season will be offered once again, but optional and as an additional cost to the regular league.  Registration will take place at a later date and will be team dependent.


Revised Season Dates

  • U7/U8/U9 Spring/Summer Season June 14-July 29, 2021 (Festivals June 19 and July 10)

  • U10  Spring/Summer Season  June 14-July 29, 2021 TBD- Grassroots Rally July 25, 2021

  • U11/U12 Spring/Summer Season  June 14-July 29, 2021

  • U13 - U17 Tier I Spring/Summer Season  June 14-July 29, 2021

  • U13 - U19 Tier 2/3 Spring/Summer Season  June 14-July 29, 2021

  • U13 - U15 Tier 4 Spring/Summer Season  June 14-July 29 2021

  • U10 - U17 Fall Cup (optional) Aug 23 - Oct 1, 2021

All dates cancelled or postponed - TBD ASA Provincial Competition Dates

Program Fees

Please see our CWSC Program Summary with Age Groups, Program Dates, Training and Academy Details, Registration and Academy Fees

Please note: CMSA players who have not paid their fees (registration/academy/head coach) will be deregistered with CMSA by June 20 for the revised Outdoor 2021 Season.


Volunteers Fees ($100) are a deposit that will not be cashed unless the member does not complete their volunteer task.

A Head Coach Fee of $100 or $50 per player will be added to fees for players on teams which have a Staff Coach as their team coach or assistant team coach.

To register click here

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