Our Goal: The Innovative Player



“The greater variety of individual technical skills a player has,the more confidence they will have and the bigger influence they will have on their team.”

We have to ensure this statement is part of the developmental culture at GPS. Our aim is to encourage and develop players at GPS to have a toolbox of moves and turns which will allow them to be comfortable in 1v1 situations.

1v1 situations occur continually throughout the game and in all areas of the pitch- the evidence within soccer in recent years shows that the top teams are consistently successful in 1v1 scenarios. All these teams have innovative, quality players who are unpredictable and dominate in 1v1 situations.

There are generally four typical 1v1 Situations which occur within the game. We need to educate our players in different game scenarios to ensure they become comfortable, effective and are able to solve the problems quickly so that they have a positive impact on their own and the team’s performance.






























“We strive to develop players who can compete at the highest level of soccer throughout the world.”


In order to assist all our players to develop to their fullest potential, we have added our very own player-centric curriculum to our Developing Player Plan (DPP). We believe this  will become one of the key coaching concepts in CWSC GPS training sessions for our players in the future to aid them in developing their creative aspects and being more technically proficient. 

Our aim is to create players who are exciting, creative and brave on the ball - the type of player who uses imagination and technical ability to be innovative and who gets those watching on the edge of their seats . 


To achieve this we believe that all our players have to be able to dominate the 1v1 situation. The 1v1 situation is central to a player’s development, regardless of age and ability.


We want our players of the future to be INNOVATIVE PLAYERS.



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About Calgary West Soccer Club

The Calgary West Soccer Club is athlete centred.  It believes that all players, regardless of level of play, deserve the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and develop to his or her potential.  The underlying purpose of CWSC is to provide a fun development-focused environment that keeps players playing. 

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