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MultiMove Sports

MultiMove Sports

We live in the age of electronic devices that limit the development of  proper movement patterns. This can affect the ability to learn sport  specific techniques that is required to perform with balance and  coordination. Flashback to your childhood: you were small and the  school seemed very big. The magic, which arose on the playground:  hopscotch, jumping rope, pull, push and ball games.

Was that fun? Are those good memories?

Would that little one developed itself  through all that playground experience?

Balance, coordination,  insights, …And is it true to say, the more you like doing something, 

the more you will learn from it?

MultiMove goes back to that good,  old playground. But even better, faster, and richer.

MultiMove sessions  are high dynamic movement tasks with great fun for children from 5-12 years.

MultiMove is an innovative way of “learn to move”, with  attention to the total development of children. We will combine  MultiMove with a variety of sports and SKILL development to provide a fun, movement and skillful learning environment and optimum learning experience  for your developing child.

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