Please see our Program Pages (Outdoor or Indoor) for details on program description, fees, and schedule.

Registration FAQs:

1.  I don’t have my child’s Alberta Health care card or number. Do I need it to register?

If you are a returning family, your AHC # has already been entered. If you are a new family, you cannot proceed without this information. Contact the Shannon Hunter, our Administrator, for assistance.

2.  I can’t remember the position my child played on his/her team last year. Do I need it to register?

No, that information is optional.

3.  My child is ready to play in a higher age group than the age-appropriate one. Can he/she move up to the next age group?

You may contact Henry Haeusler, our Technical Director to ask for an assessment on whether your child can play up an age group. 

4.  I would like to write a cheque for the registration fees and not pay by credit card, is that possible?

Yes our registration system accepts payment by cheque as an option.

5.  I can’t afford to put my child through soccer. Can you help?

Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to play. Please contact Shannon Hunter, our Administrator, to discuss your options.  All players who require financial assistance must go through Kidsport, which is an organization funded by various sports associations to help such cases.

6. I missed the registration deadline. Is it too late?

If registration online has finished, please email Shannon Hunter,our Administrator to check if spaces are available. 

7. My child wants to play on a team with their friend, is that possible?

Calgary West firmly believes that soccer should be a fun experience.  For our grassroots program and players in Tier IV and lower we are happy to place friends together if possible.  Please email your request to us when you register your child.  For players in Tier I through III, we are unable to accommodate these requests as these teams are competitive and players are placed strictly based on skill level.

8. We are hoping our child makes a certain team and will move to another club if they don’t. Can we pay a small fee to attend tryouts rather than fully registering?

Only those players who have completed registration and made payment of fees (or made arrangements for payment) may attend try-outs. We also allow players to pay a $50 try out/assessment fee, which is non-refundable or transferable to fees.

9.My email address and/or contact name has changed. How can I make the changes in your system?

Yes you can go into your member account and make those changes.

10. I am a player from another Club who is not registered with any Club now, and I want to register for Calgary West. I missed the Try Outs. with Calgary West.

Please fill in an "Interested Player Form" to let us know where you used to play and for what team/age group. Our Technical Director will receive your form and contact you. 

11. I am a player currently registered for another Club, and placed on one of their teams.Can I still register for Calgary West?

Unfortunately no. If you are registered for another Club and already placed on a team, it would not be respectful to leave your current team. We would welcome you to register for the following season and attend our Try Outs/Player Assessments.

12. How do I receive my tax receipt?

Program receipts are available at anytime through your member profile account.  You can click on “ALL” to see all the registrations that have been processed, and can choose to print any receipts you wish.  Please note that the only amounts that can be claimed on your tax return are those of the registration fee, academy and other player training payments (if any) and payments for a CWSC membership (community memberships may apply in a few cases – refer to CRA’s website at for more information).