The Innovative Player

Calgary West Soccer Club has always been known for developing technically advanced players. We want to make sure that our player don’t have to spend extra money and time to look for extra services in private academies, which solely focus on player skills. We are confident that we can provide the same or higher quality program with focus on individual skills development. Our coaches has vastly experiences in this area and are looking forward to transfer them all on our players. 


Ball control is paramount, and are Foundation to our Principles of Play. Only players who can control the ball will be able to “control” the game.

This program will help players to develop how to control and how to keep control of the ball.

the Innovative Player Program develops:

  • Motivation and ideas for players for individual and additional training (not just organized, but also on their own outside of the structured environment)

  • Confidence on the ball

  • Opportunity for closer feedback and guidance for players (from coaches and peers)

  • More tools for players technical execution

Innovative Player.png