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Academy Schedule

Indoor 2020 2021 Academy Schedule


We have provided the academy schedule below. Please note that weekly schedules will be provided once we know the game schedules. We will also send out an academy letter to all participating academy players.

Academy schedules will be sent to all team officials.  We ask that only 1 team representative from each team communicate with CWSC.  The contact for the club is Patty at:

Note that GK Academy is included for all goalies who can participate in both GK academy and field sessions for their teams.

GK Academy will alternate between Saturdays and Sundays to try and facilitate game conflicts. If a GK has a conflict between their field academy and GK academy, they should attend GK academy.


Academy will be scheduled at Bearspaw Christian School (Weekend Academy and Friday Friday. 

Detailed weekly schedules for each team will be provided closer to the commencement of Academy.

In the meantime, here are the dates for Weekend Academy and Friday Futsal below.

Please note:

  • This does not apply this indoor as no tournaments will be scheduled this indoor. However, normally, we cannot guarantee that we can schedule around tournaments.  Please communicate your tournament commitments to CWSC (Patty) at as soon as you enter the tournament. 

  • Calgary West SC will NOT schedule around exhibition games or social events or fund raising events such as bottle drives.

The Return to Plan February to March 2021 weekend academy schedule is posted here.

February - March 2021 Schedule

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