Global Premier Soccer Technical Area


Welcome to all of the GPS family.

Welcome to our new Global Premier Soccer resource center for all coaches, players and parents who are involved in our club both in North America and Europe.

Whether you refer to the game as Soccer, Fußball,  Football, Fútbol, Calcio or Futebol- from a GPS perspective this will serve as the main hub for all things related to the sport we are passionate about.

The GPS Technical Department have been working hard for the last 6 months to bring this resource to life and we believe that over the coming weeks, months and years this will grow in content to provide even more information to those you want it.

Since the inception of our GPS One Vision approach in 2016 the club has worked hard in our pursuit of excellence and we believe that this site will provide a further layer on top of all the excellent things we do already within our club.

Please enjoy it, spread the word about it and continue to come back and visit. We will be updating this regularly to ensure we stay fresh with current trends and providing you with up to date information to assist you in reaching your potential. 

To wrap up I would like to thank all the GPS Technical Department who have contributed to the site and making it a reality. I would also like to personally thank Gavin MacPhee who is the Marketing Director at Global Premier Soccer who has helped "train" not only myself but others to use this site and has been a constant help to me in this project.

Hope you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy creating it.

Mark Spalding

GPS Technical Director

Mark Spalding Technical Director GPS