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Goalkeeper Academy

CWSC Goalkeeper Academy 

The CWSC Goalkeeper Academy is an inclusive athlete-focused program that believes in providing an opportunity for all keepers to develop their passion, mental fortitude, technical skills, tactical game awareness, leadership role and overall understanding of goalkeeping. We strive to create a competitive, enthusiastic, creative, engaging and character-building environment for our athletes to thrive in. 

Our program strives to help our goalkeepers; to discover their unique strengths and presence in goal, to learn from their peers/role-models, to guide them to challenge their comfort zones and to achieve goals beyond their current beliefs. 
The GK Academy will include both individual and group training conditions to expose our keepers to game-play performance & decision making moments. Sessions combining fun collaborative/team simulated scenarios vs. solo / 1on1 exercises.

Our program will be led with clear coaching methodologies and conducted through professional and purposeful coaching while placing an emphasis on leading our keepers to discover their talents and gifts within themselves - aiming to improve upon their own best interests.


The CWSC Goalkeeper Academy values the significance of developing athletes through the principles of the long-term player development model towards life long sport and the role our training & community involvement can play in supporting the wellbeing of the individual's life both on and off the field. 

We strive to help our keepers to achieve their potential to the greatest degree possible while we are fortunate to earn their time through their youth developing their futures through high-quality attention and care to their needs.  

A major goal for our academy is to ignite a fire of curiosity, empowerment, belief and confidence in our keepers as they build up their courage to face opponents daringly, to learn from their mistakes, to be bold and brave in the face of doubt, fear, unknown outcomes, potential failures and to develop the necessary grit to get themselves up again when they fall - learning that every fall in life is a part necessary part of their journey to immense personal growth and contributes significantly to their bright and fruitful future.  

Coaching Philosophy.

Our GK Trainer is Samantha Chang-Foidl.

​Scroll down our Technical Team page for Sam's extensive goalkeeper playing and coaching experience and certification. 


Read about Coach Sam's coaching philosophy:

I believe in a holistic style of coaching - taking into account the athlete's entire life when I am given the opportunity to play a role in their athletic careers & development. 

My mission in any coaching environment is to be able to give back as much as possible to the future generations and community at large in all areas of my life.

I was very fortunate to have been influenced by countless high quality, intelligent, accomplished and influential role-models, coaches, mentors, educators throughout my life. 

If given the occasion to share my experiences, I wish to pass along as much as I can to my greatest ability as I recognize the genuine impact leaders in sport, education & community have had in shaping all facets of my life. 

I recognize the privilege I have as a coach to engage with incredibly inspiring athletes at any age/stage and I believe my role is to help ignite and flourish their spirit of curiosity, passion, self-confidence and engagement in their interests.
Coaching means the world to me to be able to express my love for sport, passion for personal growth, life-long-learning and competitive nature. 
I aspire to lead through sincere and authentic conviction, commitment, compassion and charisma as I had once been led. 

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