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Global Premier Soccer FAQs


Why join the GPS network?

GPS and CWSC share a similar vision in individual player development. GPS can provide CWSC with additional resources that will allow CWSC to continue to become one of the largest and best soccer programs in Alberta.

Who are GPS?

Global Premier Soccer (GPS) is one of the largest and most successful soccer organizations in the USA.  GPS is currently active in 22 US States and territories and now, Canada. The GPS model has each location produce players using the same development model.

The success GPS has had is based on our ability to improve all our players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically.  GPS’ commitment to its players is to provide them with the best coaching available in a professional and elite environment.

In addition to the eighteen GPS Clubs, the organization runs eleven affiliation programs, powered by GPS model and GPS/FC Bayern model.

GPS also runs over 35 Tournaments across the US annually and will expand into Canada, is partnered with one of the leading player agencies in the country and is launching a new International Academy in London, Spain and most recently, in Italy.

What does the partnership with GPS bring to a CWSC player?

GPS will also provide opportunities for all CWSC players to attend camps, clinics and international identification programs, including the:

GPS National ID Team Program:

CWSC players will have the opportunity to participate in the GPS FC Bayern National Team Program. This program has 3 states which include: Elite Training Centres (individual based technical training), National Team Pool (training camps) and ultimately, selection to represent GPS National Teams. In previous years the National Teams have competed in events in Ireland, Spain, Norway and the US.

For the upcoming 2017-18 year, the following age groups are eligible for selection to the National Team Program: 2004-2001.

FC Bayern ID Program:

The FC Bayern ID Program will be conducted by GPS and will include 1-2 ID/Training camps per year. For 2017-2018, the program will target the highest level 2006 and 2007 players (as per FC Bayern criteria, which is heavily focused on technical proficiency). The selected players will be invited to a FC Bayern ID National camp to be held annually in late June/early July. The FC Bayern staff then select the best players from the National Camp to go to FC Bayern on trial. Since 2015, eight players have made the trip from North America to Germany.

GPS will provide CWSC with 1-2 full time coaches in 2017/18 for a minimum of 3 years. These coaches will support the roll out of GPS technical curriculum and team management resources (standardized player reports and game reports) for our competitive program.

All CWSC players will benefit from the professional environment in our club, a more consistent development model for all levels and a dedicated, purposeful soccer environment enhanced by our partnership with GPS.

GPS will provide program support for our Grassroots and Recreational programs through curriculum frameworks and coaching support.

GPS Tournament Network

GPS operates 30+ tournaments including three major College Showcase events: GPS March Madness (400+ teams and 150 College Coaches); GPS Memorial Day Tournament (1000+ Teams and 225 College Coaches) and the GPS Thanksgiving Showcase (400+ teams and 200 College Coaches).

CWSC will be working with GPS to run a GPS Tournament in Calgary to provide high level competition right here in Calgary.

Professional/PDL Opportunities:

GPS will provide players graduating out of the CWSC an opportunity, if at an appropriate level, to compete in the PDL during the summer via GPS’ own established PDL Team – the GPS Portland Phoenix.

GPS will, through its sports agency partner, Global Premier Management provide the opportunity for CWSC players of an appropriate playing ability to be represented, if they so choose, by one of the leading soccer agency firms in North America.

How will the partnership with GPS support our coaches?

Our CWSC coaches will benefit from the structured team coaching management support required though GPS including player and team feedback reports.

Our coaches will provided with weekly curriculum framework lesson plans for the appropriate age and level of play.

GPS will provide coaching education seminars delivered through regular seminars.

GPS/FC Bayern will be implementing an FC Bayern licensing program for our professional/senior coaches.

How will the partnership affect parents?

All CWSC members will benefit from the professional environment in our club, a more consistent development model for all levels and a dedicated, purposeful soccer environment enhanced by our partnership with GPS.

Do CWSC teams now have to wear red?

CWSC primary colors will remain green, black, grey and white. We will affix the GPS and FC Bayern logos to our uniform sets. In the second year of our partnership, CWSC will phase in mandatory FC Bayern 1st team kit/training shirts for Tier 1 and A teams, and optional for Tier 2-5 teams.

What are the additional costs for GPS?

There are no additional costs to our members to be in the GPS network of clubs. GPS will offer soccer programs some specific targeted programs in the Calgary West Soccer Club, which will be optional and require players to sign up, but the overall fees for CWSC will not be effected by partnering with GPS.

CWSC is committed to investing in player development. Partnering with GPS and hiring additional soccer staff allows CWSC to continue to offer year-round, high quality soccer programming.

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