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Game Model

Calgary West's playing style is modern and adaptable. We want to teach our players as much as possible about the game. That is why we don’t have prescribed playing style based on movement patterns. Instead, our team formation and structures are used as a guidance for coaches and player. They are flexible and allow teams to apply that is suitable and appropriate to them (based on players stage and level of development, coaches, opposition teams etc.).

Our preferred formation is 4-3-3 as illustrated on picture, but our guiding structures allows the formation to “flow” into 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, 4-4-2.

As mentioned earlier, our attacking structures are not “firm” or prescribed movement patters. They are taught to guide players with possible movement and rotations to open and utilize space when attacking. Players are left with a big deal of decision-making, when applying, modifying the structures, based on the actual game situation and information the situation offers. This supports the development of creativity, decision - making, communication, cooperation and relationships.

CWSC Game Model.png
Attacking Zones.png
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