Fundraising Ideas

Calgary West Teams!  Are you looking for some ideas for fundraising?  Do you need some help?  Take a look at this new area of the CWSC website that highlights various fundraising opportunities for you to try.

Contact is a FREE online fundraising platform that allows you to choose from dozens of local and national suppliers. You decide which suppliers & products you want to offer, as well as the prices you wish to sell for. All of the sales are done online, so your members do NOT NEED TO SELL FACE TO FACE! NO need to collect cash, NO need to collect and organize paper order forms!


CWSC Brooklyn Pizzeria Fundraising

CWSC has been given the opportunity to sell $50 Brooklyn Pizzeria & Taps gift cards. Each card has a 25% return with 10% going to the CWSC Club access fund and 15% back to the team. Please see the above website for details on their menu items.

If interested, please email

Magazine Subscriptions

If you are interested in developing a fund raising campaign for your CWSC team, please contact


Bottle Drives

If you are looking to do a bottle drive this season, why not try the Spy Hill Bottle Depot? They have contacted the club with some details of the services they offer.  You can do the traditional bottle drive where you go around your area and then bring in the bottles to the depot and sort and count them. Or, you can make use of their free trailer.  They will park it in your chosen area and pick it up when it is full or you are done, and then they will do all the sorting and counting for you at no charge.  Or, you can do a mix.

Corporate Support

Check out what your company has to offer.  Many employers have community support programs that you can access if you just ask!



Did you know that many businesses will sponsor sports teams?  There are many opportunities to find a business sponsor for your team.  If you are looking at finding a sponsor, contact for a letter on club letterhead to assist you in your efforts.

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The Calgary West Soccer Club is athlete centred.  It believes that all players, regardless of level of play, deserve the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and develop to his or her potential.  The underlying purpose of CWSC is to provide a fun development-focused environment that keeps players playing. 

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