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Welcome to the Calgary West Soccer Club.  We want to give our members an understanding of what our development philosophy at CWSC is.

Player assessments are completed and team rosters will be released very shortly. We understand that some players are delighted with their placement and others may be disappointed.

We want to let you know that regardless of which team you are on, CWSC works from an understanding that a team is an impermanent categorization of where you, as a player, stands at this point in time, based on our best assessments.

In this document, we provide you with our player assessment approach, so that you understand what we were looking for in our assessments, or “try outs”, as they are commonly referred to. We also wanted to provide you with an overview of our education and development philosophy – an understanding of the “modern game” attributes we understand are needed to play the game of soccer life-long, the primary goal of our program. We will show you what role our Player Assessments play in our program. We will outline the role, and expectations we ask, of coaches, players, parents in the development of our players.

We ask that every player review and sign a Code of Conduct which outlines their roles and responsibilities as a member of Calgary West Soccer Club.

Finally, we will highlight our ultimate understanding of why kids play soccer, and our responsibility as a club, and as members to promote kids playing soccer, all their lives.

Please click here to read our full document – CWSC Development Approach.

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About Calgary West Soccer Club

The Calgary West Soccer Club is athlete centred.  It believes that all players, regardless of level of play, deserve the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and develop to his or her potential.  The underlying purpose of CWSC is to provide a fun development-focused environment that keeps players playing. 

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Kal Tire is pleased to be sponsoring the Calgary West Soccer Club, a community based soccer club that provides all players an opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and develop into lifelong soccer players.

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