What is the modern game philosophy?

Modern means that we teach our youth players the tools that they need to play soccer on a good level so that they can enjoy it when they are adults.

  • Modern is attacking oriented, based on an effective defense. We can only win a game if we score minimum one more goal than the opposite team.

  • The most significant development in the modern game philosophy today the merging of offensive and defensive play. Every player in the field has to participate in both. Therefore “modern” means that we allow our players to learn and to experience playing more positions on the field in order to learn how to play defense and offence.

  • Modern includes age appropriate tactical development. We don’t focus on “break out patterns” at U8 to choreograph player learning.

  • We focus on individual player development until U15. We know that developing the individual player first will bring team results later, when it counts.

  • We start tactical training at the right age, with the individual tactical basics (Individual Tactical Rules for offence and Defense Play) to help players understand what they must do when they lose the ball, and when they gain the ball.

  • Modern means learning and practicing fairness and respect first, and not winning at all costs. If we only focus on winning we will limit the development of our players.

Ball Control is Paramount!

What is the most important in soccer? The most important in soccer is “ball control”.

  • Only the player who can control the ball will be able to ‘control’ the game.

  • Ball control means that a player is able to touch the ball with their next step.

  • The player has to control the ball with the first touch into the distance that she/ he can touch the ball again with the next step in order to keep control.

  • Everything that we teach our players is how to take control and how to keep control, first individually and then as a group/team.

  • Keeping possession (control) includes the pass to the next player. The player with the ball has the responsibility to make the pass. This means the player has ‘to deliver’ the ball that the receiving player has no problem to take control (pass to the strong foot of the player).

  • The player without the ball, has to show with her/ his movement (toward the player with the ball or into the space) how and where the player with the ball has to pass it.

  • Keeping the ball on the ground in order to keep control.

  • Sometimes we take a risk in order to gain an advantage.

More than 80% in a game requires just basic techniques like passing and receiving the ball with the inside of the foot. This has to be reflected in our training. The players have to prepare every single pass with a step towards the ball, planting one foot beside the ball and touch the ball with the inside of the kicking foot and locked ankle. They have to hit the ball in the center in order to keep the pass on the ground. They must face the player who they want to pass to.

For a controlled dribbling a player has to touch the ball with only one foot and with every second touch.’ Dribblers’ decide games today more than ‘passers’.

Attack and Defense!

We can divide soccer in attacking and defense play. The difference between is only which team has the ball. Everything starts with it.

The best what we can do for our players for their future development and improvement is to teach them from the beginning that there is no difference between positions and responsibilities for attacking and defense.

  • Attacking play starts if our team gets the ball possession, where ever this happens on the field. It starts right away, immediately and is about keeping ball possession (a good interpassing) and the preparation of successful scoring opportunities (goals).

  • Defense play starts if the opposite team gains ball possession, where ever this happens on the field. Immediately we have to try to get back the ball if possible and prevent successful scoring opportunities of the opposite team.

  • There is no difference between positions on the field. Everybody has to participate in offence and everybody has to participate in defensive work. This is reflected in our ‘Individual Tactical Rules for Offence and Defense Play’. The players have to learn the rules and we have to use them for our main correction of game situations. These rules are the basic for our game and we can break down almost every single game situation.

  • Main understanding: Everybody participates in attacking and defense play!


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