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Calgary West Soccer Club is pleased to announce that E11even Management Inc. is working with Calgary West to support our players and parents to understand and access opportunities beyond the community soccer environment. 

With E11even Management Inc, we will be providing:

Education Seminars for players and parents to explain what players need to be thinking about at the appropriate age, to explore the potential for higher player opportunities, whether it be at a college or university, in Canada or the States.

Chris Murphy, Managing Director of E11even Management, will provide on a bi-yearly basis, informational meetings on college recruitment, covering important topics such as: 

1.     The recruitment process 

2.     Profiles and videos

3.     Characteristics of a successful college player

4.     Communication 

5.     Role of showcases and how to prepare

6.     Role of parents, players, and the club

7.     And more… 

Our first session was held on Tuesday, April 18 for U13-U18 players. Please click here to access the power point presentation.

College Fit Finder is a tool which allows players to access information about hundreds of colleges and universities in the States, and to upload their player profile and video into a date base shared by these colleges and universities.

Don’t want to go to the States for school? No problem. You can simply send the link to Canadian college and university coaches and they can view your player profile and video.

Your player profile can be printed to hand out to any coaches you want to meet.

Your team is going to a show case tournament? Each player can upload their player profile into a team platform and your whole team profile can be viewed by scouts and coaches ahead of the tournament. You can can send the link to prospective scouts and coaches. The team profiles can also be printed to hand out at appropriate venues to increase your exposure.

All of this will be included in your academy fees.

What we like about this approach is that all players, and not just a few selected players, will have the opportunity to have the knowledge and the tools to promote themselves. Our education seminars will describe what the role of the player is, and how best to understand the process to empower players to promote themselves. There are hundreds of colleges and universities out there looking for players. With knowledge, the right tools and perseverance, we are confident that our players will find opportunities at the higher level.

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