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Coach Education Series

Outdoor 2017 Soccer Coach Clinic

Calgary West Soccer Club welcomes all coaches to attend the Outdoor Soccer Clinic in April. During three days our Technical Director, Henry Haeusler, together with our Head Coaches will provide coaches from all different age groups with the indispensable tools to carry out a successful season in terms of player development. Attendants will receive a manual containing the general learning framework and the specific curriculum, conceived under the principles of that framework, for the whole season.

To facilitate the attendance to this important event and reasonable numbers of coaches in its sessions, we provide multiple sessions for each age group. You may attend any many sessions as you wish. Your costs are covered by your Community Soccer Program or by CWSC.

All sessions are at the West Soccer Centre. Look for CWSC or Calgary West Soccer Club on the board at the entrance to the Centre, and proceed to the field. The field will be divided into 2 fields with 3-4 hour sessions for each age group.


Specifically, for U4 and U6 we will give lots of examples of different games related to soccer or other sports that can make our players develop in coordination and love for the game. As we move to U8 the games will still be essential, but teaching the essential of technique with the proper corrections will become also very important. That is why for this specific age group we will combine lots of games with activities whose focus will be the acquisition of technique and its proper teaching methodology.

For U10, games will still be present, but now providing coaches with technical drills will be our focus. According to our learning framework this age group requires the highest attention to individual technical skills. Therefore, the teaching methodology to use will be for this age group very relevant. As an introduction, we will present as well in the U10 sessions some small sided games in which thinking and applying technique in real game situations will be necessary.

U12 still requires a lot of work dealing with technical skills that is why this would be our focus as well for this age group. However, at this age players need to start to think and make their own decisions while playing. In other words, dribbling is not enough, they need to know why they dribble and the consequences that there acts have in the game. In order to be successful teaching the decision making process, CWSC wants to provide coaches with a great variety of small sided games during the clinic sessions.

Finally, for the age groups going from U14 to U18 our only session will combine the reminders of technical skills and individual tactics. Activities to work on team tactics will be demonstrated as well, but especially for the older groups

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