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Calgary West Club Wear

Calgary West Soccer Club - Approved Uniform Sets for Competitive Teams

Any attire outside of these guidelines must be approved by the Executive Director, PRIOR to wearing or purchasing. Calgary West Soccer Club will not be held responsible for the purchase of garments that have not been pre-approved and do not meet our guidelines. Please see our Branding Style Guidelines. Please note, the Calgary West Logo cannot be used for any purpose without the approval of the Club.

First Set/s

Black and Green sets and Green or White Adidas or Black socks. Please use this as the default set. 











White and White with Green or White or Black Adidas socks sets can be ordered and purchased at Kicks. It is a custom design thus it will take 5 weeks to get them in. Teams must purchase a minimum of number of tops/shorts. Contact for details and to order. Shirts can be personalized (names on back) and shorts must be embroidered with the Calgary West lettering. Sponsors may pay for the new white set, however, a five-year sponsorship arrangement is the minimum time frame. Contact for arrangements.







Alternate Sets

  • Second Set: Grey or green club training t-shirts with either white or black shorts, or purchased plain Adidas white or black shorts, and Club green, white or black socks - Adidas. Shirts can be personalized (names on back).


  • Third Set: Green Tabela jerseys with Adidas shorts – white, or black. These sets can be personalized (names on back).​​










  • Sets of sponsored jerseys may be worn as alternate jerseys until the sponsorship agreement has expired. These include:

    • Adoxio Business Solutions

    • KLM Music







Technical Wear

  • Green/grey/black/white technical shirt provided each season. Green or White Adidas shorts or Black or White Umbro shorts. Green socks.


Practice Wear

  • Coach discretion.


Optional Wear


Official Calgary West wear is available for purchase at Kicks Sports, 4625 Varsity Drive NW. Please go to the Kicks website to view what products are available.

Kicks Club Wear

Calgary West also holds Used Gear Sales during player assessments/try outs that allows members to bring in old Calgary West wear that no longer fits to buy or swap for some larger sizes. You can also swap boots, indoor shoes and shin pads.

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