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Our CWSC Training Program builds on the . At CWSC our  Innovative Player Training is focused on educating our players for the future and not  just for the next game. We develop the skills and the understanding of the game so  that our players can enjoy playing the beautiful game of soccer, hopefully lifelong. We  focus on individual player development first. Our goal is the ‘innovative player’ that can  play the Modern Game. We will do this age appropriate and player focused based on  phases of development, related to their physical and mental development, and  maturation as a person. Sports science calls this “Long Term Player Development” (LTPD


Innovative - Our aim is to create players who are exciting, creative and brave on the ball - the type of player  who uses imagination and technical ability to be innovative and who gets those watching on the edge of their  seats.

Modern - Modern is attacking oriented, based on an effective defence. We can only win a game if we score  minimum one more goal than the opposite team. The most significant development in the modern game  philosophy today the merging of offensive and defensive play. Every player in the field has to participate in  both. Therefore “modern” means that we allow our players to learn and to experience playing more positions  on the field in order to learn how to play defence and offence. Modern includes age appropriate tactical  development. We don’t focus on “break out patterns” at U8 to choreograph player learning. We focus on  individual player development until U15. We know that developing the individual player first will bring team  results later, when it counts. We start tactical training at the right age, with the individual tactical basics  (Individual Tactical Rules for offence and Defence Play) to help players understand what they must do when  they lose the ball, and when they gain the ball. Modern means learning and practicing fairness and respect  first, and not winning at all costs. If we only focus on winning we will limit the development of our players.

Skillful - The greater variety of individual technical skills a player has, the more confidence they will have  and the bigger influence they will have on their team.”We have to ensure this statement is part of the  developmental culture at CWSC. Our aim is to encourage and develop players to have a toolbox of moves and  turns which will allow them to be comfortable in 1v1 situations.

Calgary West SC focuses on achieving technical perfection while developing the whole player  across four corners of development: physical, mental, technical/tactical, and social/  emotional. This “four corner” approach is one of our club’s guiding principles. It is built around

We focus in our Academy training on individual player development first. ​We will do this age appropriate and player focused based on phases of development, related to their physical and mental development, and maturation as a person. Sports science calls this “Long Term Player Development” (LTPD).

Our Academy program focuses on developing well rounded players while touching on the four corners of development.


Our Training focuses on:

U6 - Active Start

  • Basic coordination and motor skills

  • General ball handling


U7/8  - FUNdamentals

  • Motor skill development

  • Fundamental futsal/soccer techniques


U9-U13 - The Gold Age of Learning

  • Basic principles of play - individual and team

  • Training ethic/discipline/respect for the game

  • Physical/Technical/Tactical/Mental training


U15 - Training to Train

  • Developing the team aspect of play

  • Advanced Physical/Technical/Tactical/Mental training


U17-U19 - Training to Compete

  • Developing a winning mentality

  • High Performance Physical/Technical/Tactical/Mental training


(Wellness to World Cup: Long-Term Player Development. Canadian Soccer Association).

Sports and Conditioning

Our Academy program will be supported by Athlete Factory, sports conditioning sessions delivered by the foremost sports conditioning program in the city. Paul Balsom, the founder and CEO of Athlete Factory, holds several conditioning contracts in the Football Premiership in the UK, including Chelsea FC and Manchester City FC. In 1998, Paul was brought in by Ged Roddy, Director of Sport at Bath University to act as a consultant. Ged is now the Director of Youth at the English Premier League leading the development of the Elite Player Performance Plan, considered to be the working model for youth soccer development.

Our GK Training is led by Giovanni Crescenzi (Coach JP), co founder of Absolute Goalkeeper Academy.

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About Calgary West Soccer Club

The Calgary West Soccer Club is athlete centred.  It believes that all players, regardless of level of play, deserve the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and develop to his or her potential.  The underlying purpose of CWSC is to provide a fun development-focused environment that keeps players playing. 

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